The Banting 2.0 diet includes four phases:

Observation will give you a clear understanding of your current dietary and health state of affairs, identify the elements of your lifestyle that could be contributing to weight and poor health. No dietary changes during Observation. 

Restoration is effectively a light introduction to Banting. This is where you will get your head around a life without wheat, sugar and refined carbs. You will focus on repairing your gut lining by including fermented and nutrient-dense foods, and preparing your body and mind for the next phase while avoiding potential side-effects. 

Transformation is the liberating phase where you will likely lose the most weight and see the most dramatic improvement to your health. In this phase you will be encouraged to drop carbs down to ketogenic levels. 

Preservation is not so much a phase, as the rest of life. Once Banting 2.0 has made a significant impact on your health, weight and life, all that is now required is to maintain good eating habits. 



certified banting coach

Eva Grandell