Changing your lifestyle with a new look at food is for many people a difficult task. There are many testimonials from people who have succeeded to beat diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, arthrites, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Alzheimers and at the same time lost weight, which makes this change totally worth the effort! Going on this journey with a coach, is proven much easier. A CBC is a handpicked, passionate Banter, like myself, with a successful Banting story, Certified by Real Meal Revolution through its training program, armed with the knowledge and skills to coach individually, or run Banting groups. Provided with tools, recipes, meal plans and LCHF content. I am dedicated to helping you achieve health and weight-loss goals. You may have a spouse who is not willing to change lifestyles, or give up on any of the addictive, but toxic foods that we are so used to. As a coach, I can show you the way, give you encouragement, point out stumbling blocks, and help you stay focused and track your improvements.


What is a certified banting coach (CBC)?

why do you need a coach?

• Coaching support has been proven as a successful means to a sustained life change

• Boosts motivation through encouragement and support of peers through a forum

• Daily monitoring

• Hands-on support

• Guidance and life lessons from people who have gone through what you are going through

Joining up for the first 3 months is $225*, and if you feel you require further coaching, there is a monthly fee of $75* CDN. This will give you access to an entire Banting course complete with educational videos, meal plans, video recipes, a food tracker, carb counter, and becoming a member of my exclusive Banting FaceBook group where we exchange relevant information, experiences and recipes. You will have personal contact** either on-line, by phone, or if possible, face to face. You will get encouragement and ideas throughout this entire experience. It is recommended to stay with the program for a minimum of 3 months. Depending on how well you do on your own, you can discontinue the coaching when you feel ready.

*Please note that the coaching fee is based on first of the month charges. When signing up in the middle of a month a prorated charge will be applied afterwards, in addition to the initial charge, based on $2.50/day (this figure has been rounded based on 30 days). For example, if you sign up on the 12th of January, you will be charged the initial $225, then you will get invoiced for 18 remaining days x $2.50 = $45.00, giving you 3 months and 18 days before any additional fees are due.

**Need more support? You may want a little extra help with specific advise and coaching in certain areas to get on track. Sometimes health conditions creates a hurdle. Myths, hearsay, fake news are other factors that can really sabotage your goals. I can guide you to many shortcuts to reliable sources that will save you time and frustration along the way, and I'd be happy to provide additional coaching time at $60/hr.


certified banting coach

Eva Grandell

To sign up, click the Buy Now button and proceed with payment via PayPal. Payment can also be made using interact, please use email. See below for fee details.