Food is a big deal. Food can keep you healthy, make you feel great all the time, and help you live longer, or food can make you sick, make you feel awful and shorten your life. So you have to say goodbye to sugar and carbs, and say hello to healthy fats, real butter and cream, eggs and lots of vegetables. People on this lifestyle most often report that after a few days or a week the sugar cravings will be gone, health benefits start kicking in, such as lower blood pressure, better sleep, more energy, less aches and pains, improved cholesterol and blood sugar readings, and more. Diabetics have shown significant improvements and often managed to reverse type 2 diabetes within days. People say that they haven't felt this good since they were young! These are benefits that would be easy to give up bad food for. The sicker you are, the strikter you need to be. Cheating will soon bring back the symptoms of disease again. Not worth it. Cooking without carbs will become easier and easier. The hardest thing to give up is probably bread. There are substitutes that you can make in your own kitchen, and many recipes are available on the Real Meal Revolution website as part of the course I coach, and you will find many posted on our Facebook group. Check my Costco and other shopping lists.




The below lists the five worst, and five best, foods that you can put into your mouth (excluding alcohol). This is in no particular order.

The five worst foods

These foods should be avoided, whether you're Banting or not. While they are in no particular order, Sugar does top the list as the worst possible food to eat.


There are few substances as destructive to human health as sugar.

Fructose is the dangerous half of the sugar molecule, and is often called 'fruit sugar', which makes it sound healthy - which it isn't.

Sugar has the following negative effects on the body:

Seed Oils and Margarine

These are known as polyunsaturated fats, and come with a hefty price to health. They are very high in omega-6 oils, extremely inflammatory, and are unstable, damaged fats. Margarine is seed oil with hydrogen bubbled through it to stabilise and stiffen it, so that it acts like a soft butter. Think about that… seed oil with hydrogen bubbled through it. Do you still want to spread that on some processed bread? Prof Noakes reiterates the horror further in couch time with Jonno, in one of the videos in the online weight loss program, when he says that it was in about the 1920s when candle makers, Procter and Gamble, decided to turn seed oils into margarine as an easy way to make money… let that one sink in.badfood


Whether whole or refined, grains are carbohydrate-dense foods, are usually in a refined form to be able to use them, and have been shown to cause untold damage to the brain, heart and digestive system. Human beings have no need for grain, whether in bread, pasta, or any other form. Grain-based foods are also a place to store a multitude of chemicals – if you don't believe this, read any bread packet.


99% of all soy is GMO, and is one of the highest pesticide contaminated crops. Soy seriously interferes with thyroid function and disrupts hormones. Anti-nutrients block the action of trypsin and other enzymes, imperative for protein digestion (not deactivated by cooking or processing) and may cause pancreatic cancer. Haemagglutinin is present, a blood clot-promoting substance (think stroke/heart attack). High in phytic acid (blocks uptake of essential minerals in the body) and in aluminium leached from processing tanks – soy should be avoided.

Luncheon meats

These meats are so highly processed that you are getting something the human body doesn't know what to do with. Many chemicals, dangerous additives, flavourants and dyes are used to disguise the colour and taste of the poor-quality raw materials used to make this up. Processed meat is usually made from udders, lips, snouts, anal glands, throats, and every other part of the animal nobody wants to eat.

The five best power foods

There are many, but essentially picking 5 would include:goodfood

Eat lots of butter, eggs, pasture-fed meat and offal, oily fish and coconut oil.


One of nature's most nutritious foods, especially grass-fed butter, (if we can even get it in Canada) as it contains the very valuable vitamin K2. K2 is only made by cows eating green grass, which provides the cow with vitamin K1, to convert into K2, for us to benefit from. We cannot convert K1 to K2 in the human body, so we need grass-fed butter to do that. There is a great video in the online weight loss program that shows you how to make your own butter from scratch.


Eggs are known as the "perfect food" with an impressive nutritional profile. All the nutrients we need, except for vitamin C, are found in eggs!

Pasture-fed meat & offal (organ meat)

Powerhouses of nutrients, good quality protein, some excellent fat, and everything you need to keep you healthy while Banting. Find out what Prof Noakes’ and Jonno’s favourite fatty meats are in the online weight loss program. Offal is the preferred parts by carnivores as these cuts are the most nutrient dense. Organ meat was also the most sought after by ancient humans. Muscle meat was secondary. Fine chefs love to cook with offal as it has more flavor and yield.

Oily Fish

Packed with powerful DHA and EPA, the two essential fatty acids, which are very good for us.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil provides one with lots of energy, is a saturated fat and stable at high heats and is wonderful for preserving your brain too.

All these foods, good and bad, are discussed at lenght in the 5 week course

There are endless ideas on how to prepare food properly, even the most novice cook can do this. The more experienced cooks will have fun in the kitchen, creating delicious food from healthy food, real food!

the worst and the best foods

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