There are so many recipes out there, but here you will find some of my own favourite recipes that I have experiemented with and devoloped to my own taste. Hope you will like them and find them helpful, when you try to decide what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have only just started publishing my collection here, so please be patient. You will have access to a full library of beautiful and absolutely delicious recipes on the Real Meal Revolution website, created by chef Jonno Proudfoot, when you sign up with me as your coach. This can be the most fun part of your journey.



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Keto Pancakes

Yummy Yogurt breakfast

Omelet with mushrooms & bacon




Hearty bacon & egg

Cheezy eggs


Where do I personally get my ingredients?
I purchase psyllium husk, coconut and almond flour, nuts, seed and spices from Bulk Barn. Other things I find at Costco like coconut oil, olive oil, butter, cheese, produce, pesto, almonds, cream cheese and more. We buy double smoked bacon and other home made products from a good local butcher (Roger's Meats in Prince George, or from Cariboo Sausage or JD Meats in Quesnel). The Super Store carries a lot of good cheeses, seafood, produce and dairy.

I have listed some of my favourite items in lists below. These lists cover the Restoration, Transformation and Preservation phases so check the RMR food lists. I list products that I have over time come to like as reasonably clean and acceptable in my own daily diet. You need to figure out what works for you personally. Try to find meat and eggs from local producers, seasonal veggies from farmers markets for example. Furthermore, I avoid any food made in China, I don't buy seafood from anywhere in Asia. Organic food may or may not be superior as I have not found any proof that organic is more nutritious, and some organic food is just an industry money grab, so I use common sense and have armed myself with knowledge, which I constantly update as new information comes alight. You need to do the same, and if you have preferences and standards, just stick with them within the frames of the RMR food lists.



Please note that the rye crisp bread is not recommended during the transformation phase, and is to be consumed in moderation at your discression. People with insulin resistance may also need to be careful. Feedback has indicated that rye crisp bread, and some whole rye European pumpernickel is well tolerated and does not appear to pose the same inflamatory effects as of wheat.

*Personally, I can tolerate 2-3 slices per day with no change in my ketogenic state, as per the results with a breath analyser. Then again, I am not insulin resistant. I would recommend to have rye crisp bread in moderation during the observation and restoration phases, but not during tranformation. Later in the preservation phase, some very selected carbs may be re-introduced, and rye or oats can possibly be the grains that are best tolerated in moderation.





Focaccia bread




Shop around for all kinds of healthy foods and spices. Beware of the candies, cereals and sweet snacks. Focus on what you came in for. There is also a selection of kitchen utensils and baking pans.